Full-size serves about 20 guests. Half-size serves about 10 guests. Prices shown are based on drop-off deliveries. Please call for our full-service catering costs.

Chicken & Beef Skewers Marinated cubes of grilled chicken or beef served on skewers
Chicken: Full-size $72 | Half-size $37
Beef or Pork: Full-size $79 | Half-size $40

Parmesan Chicken Skewers Marinated cubes of chicken, breaded with a herb Parmesan mixture and served on skewers
Full-size $75 | Half-size $39

Gyros Fresh pita with beef or chicken gyro meat. Toppings- sliced tomatoes, red onion and tzatziki on the side. (Full service gyro station available- call for pricing)
Full-size $100

Pasticio Mediterranean lasagna with layers of tube style pasticio macaroni, seasoned ground beef in our house tomato sauce and bechamel custard topping
Full-size $72

Lemon Chicken Chicken breasts seared then baked with a lemon glaze and fresh Greek seasoning
Full-size $70 | Half-size $35

Champagne Chicken Chicken breasts seared then baked with a champagne cream and mushroom sauce
Full-size $79 | Half-size $40

Sausage & Peppers Sweet Italian sausage tossed with fresh peppers and onions and baked with Mediterranean seasoning
Full-size $79 | Half-size $40

Filet Mignon Sliders Beef tenderloin, carmelized onions and cheddar cheese served on a fresh roll
Call for pricing

Pesto Penne Pasta Al dente penne tossed with pesto, cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, kalamata olives and parmessan cheese
Full-size $70 | Half-size $35

Pasta Primavera Al dente penne tossed with olive oil, fresh roasted vegetables and parmesan cheese
Full-size $70 | Half-size $35

Spinach & Cheese Ravioli Stuffed ravioli's with parmesan cheese and a sun dried tomato and olive sauce
Full-size $79 | Half-size $39

Herb Baked Orzo Orzo macaroni baked with toasted pine nuts, bell peppers, parmesan and feta cheese
Full-size $70 | Half-size $35

Rice Pilaf Greek style rice with fresh parsley
Full-size $45 | Half-size $25

Roasted Potatoes Mini potatoes seasoned and roasted
Full-size $50 | Half-size $25

Quinoa Autumn quinoa with diced yams, cilantro and scallions
Full-size $50 | Half-size $25

Roasted Vegetables Locally grown, best and freshest vegetables of the season
Full-size $72

White Beans Plaki Large white beans baked with fresh tomatoes and herbs
Full-size $52 | Half-size $32