Full-size serves about 20 guests. Half-size serves about 10 guests. Prices shown are based on drop-off deliveries. Please call for our full-service catering costs.

Homemade Pita Chips Freshly baked and lightly salted
Full-size $39 | Half-size $19

Hummus Chick pea and tahini dip drizzled with olive oil
Full-size $23

Tzatziki Greek yogurt, garlic, cucumber and fresh herbs
Full-size $24

Feta Avocado Dip Avocado, feta, onions, tomatoes, and fresh herbs
Full-size $40

Chimichurri Parsley, fresh herbs, garlic and olive oil dipping sauce
Full-size $24

Cheese and Olive Platter Assortment of imported and domestic cheeses served with fresh black and kalamata Greek olives
Full-size $86 | Half-size $59

Mediterranean Meat Platter Selection of starter meats from the Mediterranean
Full-size $86 | Half-size $59

Vegetable Platter Seasonal vegetable platter served with Hummus or Tzatziki
Full-size $70 | Half-size $36

Olive Bowl Assortment of Greek olives
Full-size $25 | Half-size $15

Watermelon Feta Skewers Skewers of watermelon and feta cheese drizzled with a balsamic glaze
Full-size $60 | Half-size $30

Caprese Skewers Fire roasted tomato, artichoke heart, buffalo mozzarella and a fresh basil leaf with a pesto vinaigrette
Full-size $60 | Half-size $30

Boccoconi Skewers Sweet cherry tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and basil with a pesto dipping sauce
Full-size $50 | Half-size $25

Jumbo Shrimp Skewer Fresh Gulf Shrimp grilled in a basil lime marinade
Full-size $90

Specialty Quesadillas Quesadilla triangles topped with avocado feta or tomatillo salsa
Assorted cheeses, diced jalapeno and mango: Full-size $66
Assorted cheeses, chicken and roasted pepper: Full-size $69
Assorted cheeses and reduced spiced pears: Full-size $69

Feta Cheese Pies Cheese filled filo dough triangles
Full-size $62 | Half-size $33

Spanakopita Filo dough triangles filled with spinach, feta and fresh herbs
Full-size $62 | Half-size $33

Greek Meatballs Seasoned ground beef with fresh herbs
Full-size $66 | Half-size $33

Zucchini Balls Fried balls of zucchini, cheeses, and a variety of fresh herbs
Full-size $66 | Half-size $33

Cheese Balls A blend of Greek cheeses formed into balls and fried
Full-size $69 | Half-size $34

Chick Pea Balls Fried balls of chick peas and a variety of fresh herbs
Full-size $66 | Half-size $33

Stuffed Mushrooms Baby Bella mushrooms stuffed, breaded, and topped with parmesan cheese
Full-size $66 | Half-size $33

Lamb Riblets Mini riblets seared with a chipotle crust
Full-size $100

Endive Spear With gorgonzola, dried figs and a pistachio crumble
Full-size $60

Fresh Bread & Pita Rustic baguette rounds and pita triangles
Full-size $39 | Half-size $19